The Trikon Delta system has been on the market since 2000 and has been used in production by our customer ever since. Since the operating PC runs under DOS 6.22, several problems arise:

The accruing process data cannot be evaluated fully automatically, because the main memory under DOS is too small to load the Delta software and the network drivers simultaneously.

Certain adaptations to the hardware cannot be fully integrated into the original Delta software

The original software does not run on modern PC hardware, because the clock rates of memory and processor of current PCs are too high. The threat of total loss of the systems is imminent if no more old PCs can be procured.

FABMation analyzed the Delta software and was able to transfer the complete functionality to our control platform aKit through reverse engineering. This allows the customer to run the systems on modern PCs under Windows 10 or Linux. All recipes were converted to a new format and the processes were successfully re-qualified.

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