Do you have challenges where standard solutions are no longer sufficient?

With over 20 years of experience in plant integration and control, we have developed a solution-oriented process that quickly understands complex requirements and creates solutions. Our team of experts is used to acting as a third party with you and your end customer

Success factors

Own test lab

Our lab has a mix of current and legacy hardware that we can use to prototype and test our ideas and solutions.

Professional software craft production

Even if your project is complex and multi-layered, we rely on automated and traceable build and delivery processes. Our CI/CD pipelines under GitLab incorporate static and dynamic tools to test the components. Each release is built, tested, packaged and stored for distribution fully automatically. We are aware of our part in a reliable and certifiable supply chain, which is why we prefer to operate our own professional IT in-house.


We are at home on Windows and Linux as well as bare metal and embedded. Modern languages and environments like C# and Go together with Visual Studio, Goland or simply VIM are the basis for our current projects. For scripting, we rely on Python, Lua, Bash and Powershell. We can even do circuit design, board layout and prototyping of embedded systems.

Software test benches

In our test lab we can develop and test many factory and automation scenarios. Our software simulations support us in recreating the target environment.

Distributed is standard

We are used to do our work remotely, not only since the current flourishing of home office We integrate our and your developers into our environment and create a shared workspace. We take care of secure access, authentication and verifiable and traceable actions therein. If an environment already exists with you, we will also become a responsible part of it.

On site

We have personal experience in industrial and cleanroom environments worldwide. We also support our customers with the end user, because our specialized know-how greatly reduces the time for host integrations.


We have experience in legacy software such as Visual Basic (3-6), Turbo Pascal, Borland, Wonderware. We understand taking over legacy projects, porting and reverse engineering.

How can we support you?