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Machine control
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Our customers are global players in semiconductor and consumer goods manufacturing together with a supplier in aerospace. Again, together with their customers from the manufacturing sector. What they all have in common is that they work in a process-oriented manner and attach great importance to reliability and long-term partnership. We have been bringing this to our customers for over 20 years.

Impressed customers

“During this eventful period, I have enjoyed working with you on a wide range of topics. I particularly appreciated the trust you placed in me, the constructive and solution-oriented cooperation as well as the professional support in the numerous projects – thank you very much for everything! ”

Enthusiastic team

“We were able to work closely with the customer’s engineering and support team, who were also present, to run all relevant tests on the Firebird system and fully test its functionality. After some minor adjustments, all relevant SecsGem commands could be successfully processed by the system. The scenario of the go-live was successfully executed”.


“After that, I was privieleged to visit the Prober team. Here, too, we went through to production and took another look at the individual processes and work steps. For this, we were praised for taking the time to directly address these important issues and also to look at the situation on site to get a more detailed insight into the individual work steps and not always just see the requirements from our computer”.

Impressive results

arise when we work together with our customers in a solution-oriented manner. This necessitates confidence that we understand the task, have the right knowledge and the best tools. Take advantage of our offer to get into conversation with our experts. You found us because you defined your goals and narrowed down the solutions. Otherwise you would have found a generic software provider. So the basis for this conversation is well laid. Contact us now so that the journey together can begin.