Our customer is in the process of creating their own fab management software. It is based on a modern database and an up-to-date message bus system for distributing communications. Here, however, the SECS/GEM communication to the individual tools and the know-how about the integration of tools that have a factory interface based on SEMI standards is missing. For a start, the Disco Dicing Saw was to be integrated. This is where our experience for other customers who also create and operate their own fab management system comes into play . We have participated in or been instrumental in the implementation of the following core components of such a system:

  • Lot validation and lot tracking
  • User validation
  • Wafer validation
  • Recipe management
  • SECS/GEM Communication
  • Logging
  • FDC (Failure Detection and Control)
  • Run2Run
  • Tool control
  • Process History
  • Graphical live view of process data

We have integrated over 22 types of equipment. These include

  • EVG WaferBonder
  • Disco Dicing Saw DFD6340
  • Disco Grinder DFG8000
  • DNS (Screen) CW1500 Entlacker + Nassätzanlage
  • Evatec Radiance Sputter
  • Picosun ALD
  • Firebird ALD
  • PlasmaTherm Versaline DryEtch
  • PVA TePla Plasma380
  • PlasmaTherm LAPECVD
  • Süss Gamma Coater + Developer
  • AccreTech CMPTool ChaMP211
  • AccreTech Prober UF200
  • Amat P5000/Centura CVD
  • Atlas AOI
  • Bruker AFM
  • Park System AFM
  • Promicron MCS
  • Evatec BAK
  • Onto IVS200
  • Veeco SSEC Stripper
  • Siconnex SAT SST

Further integrations are in the planning stage.

Do you also have the ambition to create your own management system tailored to your fab? Then you will find us a competent contact!