Fab and Automation = FABMation. The source of our professional experience is software development, software consulting and project management in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Our focus is on

  • software for machine control and automation
  • software for machine communications in complex automated factory MES systems

We use our own libraries, protocol converters and software, thus assuring their continuous compliance to industry standards. This also means that we can handle all machine features and any custom factory specifications which come our way.


Our customers are manufacturers of  machines for the production of semiconductors, display and photovoltaic components. Additionally our customers are market leading semiconductor and consumer goods manufacturers.

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We have many years of experience in semiconductor, photovoltaic and flat screen industry in Asia, USA and Europe in the fields of machine control, automation and visualization. Our software developers are computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians and electrical engineers who specialize in:

  • Production order and process management with process data collection, job and recipe management, remote control by MES
  • Development of software and components for the control of material flow and the planning of production runs within plants.
  • Substrate robots, load ports, carriers, aligners, ID readers, and substrate tracking
  • Integration of machines and plants into production lines and higher-level MES systems
    • Development of software and software interfaces for the integration of plants in MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and factory control systems based on the automation standards of the SEMI organization.
    • Integration of SEMI Automation Standards SECS / GEM, 300mm PV2, Interface A
    • SEMI standard compliance tests
    • Providing documentation for host integration
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